Trees and People Used to Be Good Friends
2023/4' /CZ

Trees and People Used to Be Good Friends is a video from the fourth year of the symposium More-than-Human Curiosity capturing activities of the Children’s Forest Group, the landscape, animals and their interaction. 

"The forest is clearly in danger. The spirits are restless, a suspicious cloud has moved near to their home. There is a feeling of nervousness, rapid breathing, and trembling in the forest. How can we contact the spirits of the forest and offer them our help? Can the animals, plants, mushrooms, rocks, and other creatures that live in the forest help us? Or do we connect through our own dreams and dreaming as a space where we can be together despite what separates us? In what ways will we communicate with the spirits? What should we learn to understand their language? What extra-human abilities might help us to do this? And can this process also help us to transform ourselves? Into fantasy creatures, animals, or simply into those we don’t have to be but want to be?"

The programme of the Children's Forest Group was prepared by Magda Stojowska, Jana Landsingerová, Barbora Kleinhamplová and Eva Koťátková.

Directors: Tomáš Bojar, Marek Meduna
Camera: Lukáš Milota
Sound: Dominik Dolejší, Šimon Herrmann
Production: Martina Knoblochová
Translation: Josef Havránek 
Music: Aid Kid