Unbreeding Memory

In the performative participatory lesson Unbreeding Memory, artistic research by Lucie Rosenfeldová on bodily memory intertwines with the research practice of Kateřina Konvalinová focused on the application of non-human perspectives in agricultural practice. Through the perspective and substance of sheep wool, spoken word, and song, it evokes internalised stories of both animals and humans.

The performance was part of the program section After Memory (Memory, Body, Landscape), which, through artistic and scientific research, addressed memory in the human brain and beyond, intergenerational memory, and trauma in the context of more-than-human coexistence and the advancing technologization of the world.

Directors: Tomáš Bojar, Marek Meduna
Camera: Lukáš Milota
Sound: Dominik Dolejší, Šimon Herrmann
Production: Martina Knoblochová
Translation: Josef Havránek